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        100 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225


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Indiana Convention Center

Indianapolis Convention Center
100 South Capitol Avenue,
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

Indiana Convention Center Hotels


The Indianapolis Convention Center, also known as the Indiana Convention Center is one of the top convention and trade show facilities in the United States. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Indianapolis Convention Center, boasts over 400,000 square feet of exhibit and meeting space. Known as the Indianapolis Convention Center, but officially named the Indiana Convention center is well know for its hospitality. The Indiana Convention Center can host events of any size.

Dedicated staff at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Indiana, take pride in making sure your event is a success!


Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana Convention Center is the first of only two convention centers in the nation directly connected to a domed stadium. The convention center is conveniently located close to more than 5,000 downtown hotel rooms, the Circle Centre Mall, the Indiana State Capitol, and hundreds of restaurants.

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Indianapolis Convention Center Hotels

Indiana Convention Center Hotels

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We hope you enjoy your stay in Indianapolis and were able to get the hotel of your choice at the lowest possible rate. Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Convention Center, Indiana, is a great places to visit. The Indianapolis Convention Center has alot of different parking areas provided by various parking companies, aside from the parking spaces that are provided by the Indianapolis Convention Center.

"You will have confidence in our competent staff who will welcome you and your attendees. We take great pride in exceeding the expectations of our guests and our attention to every detail ensures that your event will be a memorable one. Our job is not complete until you are satisfied!"

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        Indianapolis Convention Center, Indiana, United States

             Known as: Indiana Convention Center


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